Final Diagnosis- The Future Of Medical Education

The world has drastically transformed in the last two centuries, and yet the manner in which academic institutions prepare us for our professional careers has remained stagnant. It is still fixated on the needs of an industrial age, a learning structure that is very much outdated and questionable for its practicality in today’s world. 

However, there have been and still are individuals, game changers, and visionaries who are making an effort to bring restructuring in the way we learn. A most apparent case is that of J.T. Madicus, a novelist, film producer, and creator of No Second Chances.

J.T. Madicus


Final Diagnosis: No Second Chances is a thriller novel that also teaches you medicine. Embedded within the captivating plot are real-life medical scenarios where you can watch the heroes analyse, diagnose and treat patients. The characters and the plot are fictional, but the medical cases are real.

Now here’s an unconventional way for you to combine a passion for medicine and love for allure, suspense, and thrill. 

Behind the Art – The illustrations for NSC


The artistic knack behind the novel is the renowned Gabriel Rodak – a Polish visual artist and illustrator whose work has earned quite some reputation across Europe. Educated in Spain and with clients around the world, his previous projects including illustrating the books Viaje de Ivan and La Busqueda. As the illustrator for the No Second Chances novel written by J.T. Madicus, Gabriel worked with real models to bring the complex characters and psychological drama to life. 

Along with all the other illustrations, Gabriel has used real models to impart realism and authenticity to the picture.


Upcoming Film 

This novel was used as the basis of the script for an upcoming film that was shot in Poznan, Poland, and is at the moment in the post-production phase. 

Animated Film Trailer


The situation now is that the novel will still be released to the public before the film. The film is scheduled for release in May 2020. The novel, however, is already complete and ready for you to read:


Support the Kickstarter Campaign 

Your support is needed to print more copies and help get this ambitious medical novel into the hands of as many people as possible, including yourself!

Final Diagnosis: No Second Chances is complete and is available via the Kickstarter link:

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