East End Club Becomes Victim of its Own Success

Youngsters from Newcastle East End FC show off their skills
Youngsters from Newcastle East End FC show off their skills

Newcastle East End Football Club is one of the UK’s most successful community clubs with its 49 teams consistently winning trophy after trophy both regionally and nationally. Success on the pitch is mirrored by the Club’s phenomenal popularity, with hundreds of people from the Byker, Walker and Walkergate communities using it regularly as a social hub.

Now this incredible success is threatening the Club’s very future as it struggles to accommodate all 500+ members, as well as the numerous visiting teams who come to the grounds to play. If the situation continues the Club will be unable to take in new members and may even have to reduce its existing membership.

To remedy the situation, Newcastle East End FC, has had planning permission approved from the local authority to build an extension and is approaching local businesses in the area to see if they can help through sponsorship or donations. The Club is writing letters to more than 100 businesses in the Walkergate area, outlining its current situation and asking for help.

Club Chairman, Kelly Scott, said: “Despite being one of the UK’s leading community clubs, our future growth is now in jeopardy simply because we don’t have enough room for our existing members, let alone the many new members who want to join us.

“Grassroots football is incredibly important to local communities – particularly in this area where the love of the game is well documented. As well as giving young people a healthy focus and keeping them off the streets and away from anti-social behaviours, the Club brings local people and families together socially. We would love to accommodate more people but we just don’t have the space and it’s hampering our future success.

“We have approved planning permission to build an 84 sq. metres extension, which will give us the additional room we need for events and social activities but we need help to fund it as we estimate it will cost around £125,000.

“All of our coaches and helpers give their time voluntarily and are exceptional at what they do. That’s why many of our junior teams are attracting interest from professional clubs. We are also leading the way in participation football and have four very successful disabled teams – something unheard of in community football.

“We’re now hoping the local community and neighbouring businesses can dig deep into their pockets and help us out. If we are successful it will be good for the Club but will also be good for local families by providing an even better resource.”

To find out more or to donate to the fund please contact Chairman Kelly Scott via email at info@newcastleeastend.co.uk

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