Two boys from County Durham have recently raised £475 for The People’s Kitchen by sleeping overnight in a church.

Henry Spencer, aged 12, and his younger brother Dylan, aged 9, decided to spend the night in the church to raise awareness and funds for the charity after feeling concerned about how vulnerable people would cope in the cold winter snap.

The boys’ father, Simon, is a curate at the Holy Trinity and St Paul’s Church in Pelton and suggested the idea to his sons.

The brothers used blankets to keep warm as the temperatures outside dropped to minus seven degrees Celsius. Henry stated that it was “fun to do” but acknowledged that many people feel this cold every night too. Dylan added that they wanted to help people stay warm and not go hungry during the winter.

Their mother, Rachel, expressed how proud she was of her sons and noted that this was not the first time that they have raised money for good causes. Over the past three years, they have raised over £2000 for various charities including MIND during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The People’s Kitchen, which provides hot meals and supports vulnerable people of Newcastle, invited the family for a tour of the building to see how the meals were prepared and cooked. The trustees of the charity expressed their gratitude to the boys. They acknowledged that they rely entirely on the generosity of the public and local businesses to operate as they do not receive any government funding.

If you wish to donate to The People’s Kitchen, you can do so by visiting

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