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Science & Technology

The Flying Car Is Here - Thanks to an Engineer from the North East
It might sound like something from a science fiction film, or at least a James Bond movie, but soon you could be commuting to work in a car that could grow wings and soar into the sky if the traffic got a little heavy.  That’s assuming you had a few...
CGI from Sheppard Robson Newcastle Teaching & Learning Centre Oystershell Lane
Newcastle city centre's Science Central is a twenty-four-acre science and technology facility located on the old site of the Scottish & Newcastle brewery. The science hub is a £350 million pound investment in Newcastle University. A recent plan to spend £29 million pounds on a new teaching & learning centre has...
Poptop event supplier home page
A north-east tech company that helps customers organise events by finding them DJs, musicians, caterers and marques has just received a £120,000 boost. Poptop, an online database, uses an algorithm to put party planners in touch with a wide variety of entertainers, services and products. Poptop was set up by two...
A happy baby
Britain’s first three-parent babies may be coming soon – thanks to Newcastle University receiving permission to conduct IVF procedures using the DNA of two women. A technique developed by Newcastle University researchers means that doctors can substitute an egg’s defective mitochondrial DNA with healthy DNA transplanted from a female donor. Alternatively,...
Alan Shearer in front of posters for The Entertainers 20th Anniversary Game
Newcastle United hero Alan Shearer is to undergo a series of dementia tests as part of an upcoming BBC documentary. In Dementia – Football’s Silent Shame, Mr Shearer will investigate whether years spent heading footballs make ex-soccer professionals more likely to suffer from the condition. It is suspected that brain damage...



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