A Newcastle-based taxi company; Budget are stepping up their involvement with Women’s Street Watch, Newcastle (WSWNCL) by giving them a credit limit of free taxis every month for their use in securing the safety of women travelling home alone at night.

The group, which was set up by Beth Dunn and her girlfriend to patrol the streets of Newcastle to keep women safe, following the shocking murders of Sarah Everard and Sabina Nessa has been successfully running since 2021.

Now, groups of volunteers, wearing pink Hi-Viz jackets are a familiar sight on the streets, every weekend following their launch in October 2021.

Beth Dunn, from Women’s Street Watch, Newcastle said:

“We’re extremely grateful for all of the suggested ways in which Budget Taxis are offering to help our cause and this is just one of the many incentives we will be hoping to roll out, in order to ensure the safety of vulnerable women out at night in Newcastle.”

Since the group has been founded, the volunteers have been patrolling the streets of Newcastle City Centre every Friday and Saturday evenings from around 10pm-3/4am. Typically, a shift will see them assist girls who may have had too much to drink, had their drinks spiked or simply just lost their friends. Their intention is to ensure that they get home safely. They distribute water, snacks and phone chargers as well as providing support in finding lost friends or even just a chat! Their goal is to support women and help them get home safely.

Budget Taxis Assist Women’s Street Watch
David Singh Budget Taxis

David Singh, Customer Care Manager from Budget said:

“We have been in correspondence with WSWNCL since their launch last year with ideas of ways in which we can help, and this is just one of the many initiatives we would like to roll out to assist them. No woman on a night out should feel unsafe and if there is a way in which we, at Budget Taxis can help, then we want to do our part.”

For more information on Women’s Street Watch Newcastle go to their Facebook page: WSWNCL.

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