Brew your own Buskers at Tyne Bank Brewery

Musician on stage
Patrick Kelly at Tyne Bank Brewery


Bar at Tyne Bank Brewery
Tyne Bank Brewery

If you haven’t been to Tyne Bank Brewery yet let me paint you a picture…

A wide-open space which is deceivingly warm with fairy lights draped across the ceiling. An oxymoronic, comfortable, factory-like environment. With an eclectic range of tables and chairs spread across the floor of which you share with Geoffrey and Cath; ceiling height, metal brewing tanks. The tanks are kept behind two iron gates with Tyne Bank Brewery adorned at the top of them. You almost feel like you’re waiting for Mr. Wonka to come and show you round his booze filled factory.

Now the Buskers…

Now Newcastle is not short of buskers nights so starting a new one a little out of town may be a bit of a challenge to keep customers coming. So to say Brew your own Buskers was only on its second week it was not short of buskers or buyers.

Musician, actor and Northern Irishman Patrick Kelly hosts the night. Patrick begins the night with a few original songs to set the tone for the evening and inspire fellow buskers to try their own songs.

Tonight attracted some seasoned buskers from the Newcastle music scene such as Kieran Taylor and Lewis Curry.

Jodie Nicholson from Darlington ventured up to town for the event. Her cover of Arianna Grande’s God is a Woman with just an acoustic guitar and crystal clear voice was haunting. Such a performance landed her with the £25 prize for being the bartenders favourite busker.  A step up from a free pint which is also offered to all performers as a participation prize.

 Nowt special events, baby socials and other day and family affairs are often hosted at Tyne Bank Brewery whereas Brew your own Buskers is a chilled weeknight, adult alternative where you can enjoy local music and local beers. 

 Brew your own buskers runs the first and third of every month and starts at 7:30pm at Tyne Bank Brewery. And to find out what else is on round Newcastle visit

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