Unable to ride a bicycle anymore, Jim Schofield, 71 from Blyth, has been able to enjoy time once again with his wife as she cycles thanks to an off-road Breeze mobility scooter.

Jim and Ruth have just recently moved to Northumberland from Melton Mowbray so they can be closer to family. Jim used to design battle tanks for the British Army and worked all over the world. He has always ‘been a huge fan of the outdoors’ and used to cycle a lot. However, Jim’s arthritis means these days riding a bike and walking distances is impossible. He could not accompany Ruth on her bike which was very frustrating however their favourite pastime has been rekindled thanks to an off-road mobility scooter. This TGA Breeze S4 can drive on grass and mud and is famous for completing John O’Groats to Land’s End in record time and winning a BBC Top Gear extreme challenge. Its ‘bulletproof’ performance and design appealed to Jim as he says.

Jim is delighted to be out again with his wife:

“We used to cycle together so much when we were younger. Ruth and I would ride for mile-after-mile but eventually we had to give it up. Not anymore, getting this scooter works both ways for each of us.

“Ruth can enjoy cycling with some company and I’m the same on my scooter, it has brought us closer together. It’s not just being able to go out in the countryside that’s changed, it’s going to see family and visiting town together as well.”

“Take this morning for example, we needed to pop into Blyth which is only a mile and a half away. It’s pointless getting the car out so we cycle and scoot together. Why have the hassle of parking and finding petrol? We’ve just moved to the area and with all the coastal paths and beaches up here, my Breeze is even more indispensable.”

Jim finds using his scooter to accompany Ruth on a bike works really well: “As my scooter has a range of 30 miles, we tend to make a day of it and go out for around 25 miles exploring tracks and quiet roads. As the area is new to us, we have the joy of finding different new places every day. Many walkers have already stopped me and said my scooter looks really robust. I’m so pleased with it. You can’t beat being out in the fresh air especially when you can smell the sea on the coastal paths. My Breeze gets me right onto the beach so I can see the stunning coastline in this part of the world. I’m now looking to get a trailer made so we can tow my Breeze and broaden our adventures side-by-side.”

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