September 3rd at the Jam Jar and the Bridge Tavern: end of message, see you there.

No, wait, there’s doodling involved, because that’s something that grown-ups do in pubs now.
  • Beavertown is celebrating National Doodle Day on September 3rd by inviting Geordies to pay for their pint with a doodle on a beer mat.
  • The brewery is beaming down special doodle-able beer mats to select pubs in Newcastle this weekend.
  • Beavertown will be swapping more than 1000 pints of Bones lager nationwide in a campaign to help spark people’s creativity.
To celebrate National Doodle Day, Beavertown is turning punters into artists and inviting them to pay for their pints with creativity. By doodling on a beer mat, customers will be able to trade their masterpieces in for a pint of Beavertown Bones Lager at the Bridge Tavern and Jam Jar in Newcastle. Beavertown will be placing specially designed and doodle-able beer mats in select pubs across Newcastle on Saturday 3rd – Sunday 4th (or until stocks last). Participants will be encouraged to get their creative juices flowing with multi colored markers for a… you guessed it, FREE out-of-this-world beer, in the form of the refreshing pint of Beavertown’s Bones lager.* Designed by Beavertown’s Creative Director Nick Dwyer, the beer mats take inspiration from the brewery’s new “Out of this World Beer. Drank on Earth” ad campaign – with iconic space-themed visulas, from half-drawn astronauts to unfinished moonscapes. Nick Dwyer, Creative Director at Beavertown said, “I love this project because literally anyone can draw if they have a pen. Drawing, doodling, sketching – it’s great for the brain, and should absolutely be used as currency in the event of nuclear annihilation… because then I could be king. Failing that, using it to pay for our beer is also good!” Keen to channel your inner Damien Thirst this weekend but can’t make it to the pub? Why not check out Beavertown’s latest craft beers and classic flavours, fresh and straight out of the brewery online at

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