Lucy Craig, Managing Director of Craig Healthcare, provided live entertainment to residents from the car parks of their Cramlington and Longbenton care homes

Cramlington House and West Farm Care Centre, which are both specialist residential and dementia care providers owned and managed by Craig Healthcare, invited Alfie Dobson to entertain residents.

Laughs were administered while obeying the strict social distancing regulations put in place by the government.

Lucy said: “During this very difficult time, we are looking at every measure possible to ensure we safeguard the health and wellbeing of our residents.

“This of course includes their physical but also their mental wellbeing, and we have to ensure we protect this. Visits from families, social outings and gatherings play such a big part in their lives; everything we do now until normal life resumes is so very vital.

“Alfie lost all of his bookings following the instruction for all care homes to shut their doors to all visitors so doing this not only gives him some financial support but our residents and staff absolutely appreciated it too.

“Nothing can compare to seeing the smiles on faces and the warmth across the homes during Alfie’s performance and for some time after – it was truly priceless.”

Live entertainment is hugely important to the wellbeing of those receiving residential and dementia care because it helps to relax residents, encourages interaction and boosts confidence.

The performer sang songs from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s as well as specific songs residents requested. The residents and their carers danced along to the music and enjoyed Alfie’s songs.

Tommy Young, 86, a resident at Cramlington House said: “It’s so very hard not seeing my wife; we really are inseparable despite us not living together. I have reassured her that it’s not for long and although we are physically apart, we are always together in our minds and hearts.

“I really enjoyed watching Alfie; one of my favourite singers who often visit us. Thank you for making our day; it was wonderful, and we are all looking forward to seeing you again.”


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