Get Carter is not the only great film to come out of Newcastle and the North East and, thanks to the internet, you can see some of them for free without getting off your comfy chair. You probably won’t find these in a Blockbuster video rental shop. Because Blockbuster closed a decade ago. I found out just now.

The Clouded Yellow (1950)

A retired Secret Service agent helps a falsely accused girl evade the police. Despite being set in Newcastle and Liverpool, you won’t hear much Geordie or Scouse in this classic “on the run” thriller.

On the Night of the Fire (1939)

This early film noir is not going to cheer you up. If you are feeling down in the dumps, this isn’t the film for you. Unless you like seeing tragic things happen to other people, in which case get stuck in!

Ways to Live Forever (2010)

Where are films about children dying of cancer heartwarming and life-affirming, as well as sad? Newcastle, that’s where. This film was adapted from a book for children and teens by Sally Nicholls, a Stockton lass, and the producers did a good job of keeping it suitable for youngsters without making it dull for adults.

Seacoal (1985)

This film could not have been made anywhere, or anytime, else. It’s part documentary, part drama, and even though it may not all have happened, it’s all true. You can rent the whole film here for a few quid, or ask a friend with a Vimeo subscription.

What are your favourite old movies from the North East? The first person to say Get Carter wins a lifetime subscription to Blockbuster video.


Cover Photo by Joel Muniz

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